Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Happy Birthday Mama....yup mama's birthday was on 8th May ari tu...just few day after that is Mother's Day...but being broadup in a family that dont really express our feeling..we tend to buat paham paham je lah...

I think the kids (semua anak sedara aku la tu) yang expressive and havoc in their own bad the whole of my sister's family are chasing and taking turn at the toilet..must be the Kenduri yesterday la ni....

If not we can celebrate together...soooo...kak biha make sure next Ahad semua org OK ye...we beli cake etc..tapi bukan Sabtu plan already!!!

To my cousin Azizah..Happy Mother's Day and Omedetou (conglatulation) on your first born which is today (Mother's Day itself)